Tips to sell

The median time homes nationwide spent on the market in January 2013 was 71 days, according to the National Association of Realtors.

It’s a simple concept: The more people who are interested in your home the greater the likelihood your home will sell quickly and for a fair price. Just like any business, marketing your home is all about creating an interested audience from which your ideal buyer emerges.

Anyone opting to sell without an agent will lose on crucial exposure. Monteiro International Realty website has leveled this playing field with a range of choices intended to generate maximum exposure and, at the same time, ensure sellers have complete control of their marketing dollars.

How long will it take to create a marketing plan, put it into action and prepare a home for showing? We wish there were a simple answer, but the truth is it depends. All houses and home sellers are different.

Your home is on the market. You’ve created a solid marketing plan with us, we’ve spread the word via the Internet, organized a showing schedule and now buyers will be coming to see for themselves. How you conduct your showings and open houses with your realtor can have a major impact on how quickly you sell your home as well as the price you are able to fetch.

It’s never easy to relinquish control, particularly when it’s your home and your money. But if the goal is to sell, and to sell fast, then you’re better off trusting the expert, even if his advice appears trivial — like the paint on a couple of walls — or counterintuitive, such as undercutting the price. To get a sense of what we mean, see the five tips below, all from our experienced agents who say these are areas where home sellers often need some persuading.

Price it right; price it low

“Sellers will say, ‘Let’s put it 20% higher, then during negotiation we’ll have room,” “No. The rule of thumb is you should go where the last (comparable home) sold, or right below that.” Too high, and buyers will be scared off.

Try a fresh sales approach

“Sellers think that you need to have ads in the newspapers and an open house every Saturday,” “But that has nothing to do with the value of real property. If you have priced it right and cleaned it up, you don’t have to do any of those things.”

Don’t try too hard to fight the market

Sometimes a seller has to accept that there’s only so much an unfriendly marketplace can offer.

Remember, renovations aren’t a magic bullet

Be flexible with price. “Price is still what’s moving.” And if you want the house to move, find an agent willing to be brutally honest.

Don’t, repeat don’t, skip the online sales push

One last tip from agents: A home that relies on its good personality alone won’t cut it in today’s market. Use it all online resources possible to advertize your property.