I want to sell my property

Deciding to sell a home is the largest financial decision most people will make in their lifetime, so it’s natural to be a little anxious as you approach the selling process. Don’t worry; you’re not on your own. Monteiro International Realty is here to help you decide if conditions are right to put your home up for sale.

We have the tools and resources you need to help you calculate the value of your home and your equity while assessing local market conditions. Take a deep breath, and then dive right into using our website tools and advice that will guide you through the decision-making process and on to determining your best listing price.

Be prepared. Be very prepared. Home buyers have high expectations, and if your home doesn’t live up to those expectations they will move on quickly. But, where to start? Staging? Repairs? Home improvements? Pricing? Getting your home (and yourself) ready for the selling process can seem like a daunting process. The key is understanding the process from beginning to end.

Monteiro International Realty has the information and tools you need to determine where you need to focus your preparation efforts to move through the journey smoothly. You’ll be ready to show your home before the first buyer walks through the door!