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Now, you no longer need to sell your home in order to move out! Just put your home in the “Home Swap”, where you have the opportunity to swap your home with hundreds of customers who seek the same . The Home Swap is a second channel of sale where you can market your property without impeding the “normal” sales process .

What are the benefits of putting your property on our website?

* Multiplies the possibility of exchanging your property . In Home Swap you will have hundreds of customers who want to exchange with you.

* Addresses the ” To purchase, have to sell first.” More security, tranquility and fewer questions because barter is a simple process .

* Savings in taxes : IMT payable will only by differences in property values​​.

*The Home Swap will be promoted through an advertising campaign on efficient media (Radio , TV , Press, etc) . Thus, your property will have more chances to be exchanged .

* Benefits of a technological system that will “match” the needs of our clients , meaning,  just put your property on Home Swap and our system will find a customer who wants to swap with you!

* Receive the maximum professionalism of our agents that will look for a property that suits your needs.

Who can swap properties?

Anyone. Swapping homes is just another way of selling real estate. The concept is especially beneficial to someone who is moving to a different location and simply wants a similar place to live in. Exchanging properties is also an alternative way for investors or second home owners to move assets to different locations, thereby spreading and reducing the risk.

Contrary to a common belief, home swappers don’t need to own the property free and clear. But if there is a mortgage and little or no equity, seller will have to qualify for a new mortgage as a buyer for the property he/she is swapping for.

How does the process works?

The concept works as follows: I’ll buy your house, but only if you buy mine. It can also be viewed as two separate transactions taking place at the same time where party A buys a house from party B, while party B buys the house from party A. The exchange takes place on the same date via a simultaneous closing. Both parties pay off any existing loans and obtain new financing on the home they are buying. The only complication is to complete the closing for both parties on the same date.

And most important, what are the benefits of permanent home exchange?

  • Value preservation. By swapping the property instead of selling it the traditional way, sellers have a higher chance of receiving close to the appraised value. Since the seller is not liquidating to an investor and is dealing directly with the new property owner, both parties in a trade can agree on property values they are comfortable with, and not the values dictated by foreclosures and short sales in the area. This especially applies to declining markets or hard to sell properties.
    In cases where homes are financed through conventional lenders, the values will be determined by the appraisals. Our point is that in declining markets sellers are often forced into accepting offers far below the current appraised value. By trading instead of selling, sellers are not forced into liquidating to investors, which would allow them to use any accumulated equity and apply it towards the down payment on the new home.
  • No more double mortgage payments because owners pay off the mortgage on their existing home and obtain a new mortgage on the new home – all on the same day closing.
  • Swapping homes also reduces moving hassles as it eliminates the need for storage of belongings while in the search of a place to live in. The concept works as simple as “I will buy your house if you buy mine” so owners simply move to their new homes after closing.
  • No more dealing with renters when you have a home on the market that is not selling, while you already purchased your new home.
  • No more trying to find a short term rental to live in while looking for a new home. Short term leases are expensive, and breaking a lease is costly, but all of these hassles are avoided when trading houses permanently.
  • Swapping homes makes it easier for borrowers to obtain financing on the new home. As long as a borrower has a contract to sell the current home, banks will not count the current monthly mortgage obligation against income during the loan qualification process on the new house that the borrower is trading for. Most homeowners with an unsold home on the market have a tough time purchasing a new home before their current home is sold or at least under contract. Swapping homes eliminates this problem altogether because both parties bring two contracts to the loan officer: one sale contract in which the homeowner is selling the current home and another purchase contract in which he/she is a buyer of the new home. Since contracts require a closing on the same date for both properties, the bank will not use the monthly payment from the current mortgage as a liability, nor will it use the old mortgage balance in total loan to value ratios. Having fewer liabilities helps the borrower to qualify for the new loan and negotiate better mortgage terms.
  • Sellers could also save on commission and advertising fees if they find a property match by owner. Savings could be n thousands, or about $5,000 per $100,000 in property value.

This is all possible as long as you find your acceptable match. Notice, it does not say “perfect” because for this swap concept to work out you need to become more flexible as far as your swap criteria goes. This ensures you will get many swap proposals!

MONTEIRO HOME SWAP – The home exchange that everyone wins!