Golden Beach Home Lists for $36 Million, Before Being Built


     Visualization is a powerful thing. Especially when it comes to modernist beachfront mansions that have listed for $36 million. When you have nothing to view but sand, you need the power of your mind to make it happen and open your wallet

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If there was a front door, you would be stepping into a 23, with eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. And two powder rooms, a guest house, staff quarters, and five separate kitchens. Spoiler alert on the locations of three of them: one in the spa, one in the guest house, and one outdoors. 

Except that there won’t be a front door until about Q2 2015, when developer Jacob Abramson plans to break ground. He spent $4.7 million on the lot in 2012, and intends to spend about $18 million or so on construction.

Back to the floor plan: the bottom floor will be dedicated to health and wellness, with a built-in spa, steam room, sunken “hamman” room, treatment rooms, exercise room, and an outdoor relaxation pool. Outside, there is a three-story “green wall” with 25 different types of plants, which will frame a spiral staircase (that leads to heaven?) and a hydraulic elevator.

When you see dollar signs of this magnitude, do you see a wondrous respite like this house, or other visions? If it’s the former, ask for Oren Alexander of Douglas Elliman to make this a reality.


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