Welcome to DOWNTOWN DORAL – a true modern metropolis in the spirit of great American towns past, where business and pleasure mix seamlessly under the blue skies of limitless opportunity.

Only a visionary can envision the future before it’s been written, creating a tomorrow filled with the hopes and dreams of families—young and old. To behold an entire city before the first brick has been laid—where community truly matters—and conceiving a place where neighbors look out for one another and children play in the sun, while couples share secrets under the soft glow of evening street lamps.

It takes a visionary to set out in a new direction to imagine a bustling Main Street, where picturesque shoppes and colorful fruit stands give way to sidewalk cafes and afternoons in the park. Where small businesses have a chance to flourish, commerce fills the air like fresh roasted coffee, and parents rest easy knowing their children are safe.

Downtown Doral is the embodiment of that dream—the manifestation of a blueprint 30 years in the making, when renowned South Florida developer, Armando Codina, first unfurled a set of plans that would breathe life and a true sense of community into the city he helped build.

Downtown Doral will become the quintessential city center, where business and pleasure combine flawlessly. Here, neighbors will flock to the welcoming storefronts of Main Street, walking along broad palm-lined avenues dotted with locally owned businesses, boutiques, and five-star eateries. It will also be a place where employees of major corporations and startups rub shoulders with lawmakers in the shadow of a freshly minted Doral Government Center, and children walk to the finest neighborhood school against a backdrop of endless sawgrass fairways.

Every great endeavor begins with a dream…but only a visionary can bring that dream to life. Welcome to Downtown Doral. City life. Reimagined



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